Ridgeway is a good honest mechanic that offers up proactive solutions (notices when tires need rotated/balanced) and will not always go for the most expensive solution. For instance he used a universal part to fix part of my muffler instead of installing a brand new one which saved me at least $300 bucks.

They’re also friendly and accommodating, so bonus points for that.
— Matthew F. Baltimore, MD
Reasons you should make Ridgeway your independent auto service garage of choice:

1) They’re honest - if they come across anything unexpected or that wasn’t on the work estimate, they call you. If there’s any question, they’ll take you into the shop and show you what needs fixing and why.

2) They’re reasonable - Prices aren’t out of this world, even for foreign cars. They don’t replace parts just because they can, either. I’ve never had a service with them go over the estimate unless they uncovered a larger, unanticipated problem.

3) They deliver on time - when they say they’ll finish servicing your vehicle by a certain time, it’s almost always done by that time. If you’ve got a rush job, they’ll try to fit you in when they can, and usually manage to get your repair done by your requested time.

4) They don’t treat you like an idiot, even if you wear a skirt - my wife gets the same professional treatment as I do. When she took a previous car in thinking the power steering pump would need replacing, they reassured her that a much less expensive belt and tensioner would be all that was necessary.

5) They’re pretty friendly, too - Ridgeway’s been in the neighborhood for a long time, and they work to maintain their reputation. Plus they get to work in a cool old gas station as the front part of their garage center.

Bonus: Even though they don’t advertise as such, they originally specialized in Volkswagen service and repair, and still retain a lot of that business. Good VW shops are hard to find, and they’ve been doing them @ Ridgeway for decades.
— Rob N. Catonsville, MD
In a time where the term “customer service” seems to have been all but forgotten, the team at Ridgeway restores some faith in humanity. Honest, ethical and will always shoot you straight in terms of what is needed and what is recommended. They are always on top of their game and deliver when promised. I would not hesitate to recommend Ridgeway to all of my friends, colleagues and especially anyone who has been taken advantage of by other mechanics. Take your car into Ridgeway, you will not be disappointed.
— Kevin D. Linthicum Heights, MD
Love having a local repair shop who are reasonably priced and extraordinarily honest. Jeff and Doug are always cheerful, fair and friendly.
— Becky J. Catonsville, MD
I can only agree with the previous reviewers, Jeff called before any labor was performed to inform me of the situation, knocked down the cost of the diagnostic after nothing substantial was found, friendly and very respectful all around. I would reccomend to anyone!
— Joseph M. Catonsville, MD